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This new digital transgender fiction magazine was launched in May 2007

You need to have Adobe Reader set up on your computer. This is available FREE and can be downloaded by clicking on the button below.

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Stories on-going from previous issues of Tales of Crossdressing and Tales of Sissy School are completed in Volume 1 of Forced Femme and Girlhood. The magazine is only available from this site.

Also in this issue:

FFG Sissy Gallery
See pictures of sissies Sarah, Belle and Donna as pretty little girls - they have been feminised completely and enjoy showing off their petticoats and pretty dresses...

Letters to Francoise
A mother writes about a novel exchange scheme in which her 14 year old son goes abroad to live in America for a year, and comes back completely changed...

If you didn't read the earlier instalments, you should really start here by downloading Tales of Crossdressing Vols. 4, 5 & 6 of and Tales of Sissy School Vols. 1 & 2. (Tales of Sissy School is currently only availalbe in its original glossy printed format. Why not order it from our sister website TVFICTION.COM ?


Forced Femme & Girlhood Vol. 1
Download Version   £7.99


Virtual Reality Woman - Final Part
(The earlier instalments of this story
featured in Tales of Crossdressing Vols. 4, 5 & 6)

By the early years of the new Millennium, women have achieved social and economic dominance in Western society. Andy Thompson, as a mere male, counts himself lucky to have got a job on the research programme at VIRED - the new Virtual Reality Engineering Department at the University of Central England, run by Dr. Hannah Klonek. Dr. Klonek explains that their research is addressing the problem of what to do with the new male underclass...they are looking into the possibility of reprogramming them using virtual reality. She invites Andy to put on one of the prototype Total Virtual Reality suits and try out the program.

Once inside the suit, Andy puts on the ultra-feminine clothes which have been provided for him; Dr Klonek suggests that he needs a more appropriate name, and he chooses ‘Laura’.

At dinner, Laura meets Marie, who is wearing a black satin maid’s dress and white frilly apron: ‘The skirt of the dress was short, revealing long slim legs clad in black nylon. Her maid’s dress was low-cut and decorated with an edge of white lace, in which the cleavage of two well-develped breasts was much in evidence.’
The beautiful maid serves dinner while Julia tells her that Marie was one of Dr. Hannah’s earlier experiments: ‘She used to be a boy. You wouldn’t think so to look at her now, would you?’

Dr. Klonek explains that in fact a computer chip has been surgically implanted into Laura’s brain. The chip creates what Laura is experiencing, transferring data to and from monitoring equipment by means of a digital transmitter. Laura asks how long they intend to keep her in the dream-state created by the ‘Quantum’ computer chip implanted in her brain, but Dr. Klonek will not give her a straight answer.

In this final instalment, Laura discovers that her vitual reality body is completely female.

Laura's virtual body is completely female - Laura's  pussy

Laura discovers the joys of making love as a woman, experiencing female orgasasm.

Britney making love to Laura

When she is finally brought out of the Quantum reality dreamstate, a surprise awaits Laura as she discovers what has been done to her real body....

School for Sissies - Final Part
(The earlier instalments of this story
featured in Tales of Sissy School Vols. 1 & 2.)

François is left fatherless and his mother, the formidable Lydia Quesnay, is in sole charge of his upbringing. Lydia is appointed to a teaching job at a girls’ preparatory school in Derbyshire, starting the following September. By this time her son is nearly five years old. Having already taken pleasure in dressing her son as a girl on several occasions while he was still a toddler, she decides he is to be enrolled at the school as a girl. Francoise settles into the life of a girl, and spends five happy years at St. Saviours. A cache-sexe made by a specialist corsetière helps to keep her true gender concealed.

When Francoise is eleven years old, her mother begins to think about how Francoise’s education as a girl can be continued. Lydia resolves to start her own private high school for girls, with the financial backing of wealthy friends.

Soon the first pupils arrive at St. Hildegard’s. When three troublesome boys are sent to the school by their mothers, Lydia Quesnay's 'special' educational methods of corset training, sissification and petticoat punishment are introduced: the three boys are fitted out with corsets and velvet Fauntleroy suits. Eventually the royal blue suits are replaced with pink silk suits with buckled britches to the knee, and black silk stockings underneath.

Two of the boys at first rebel against these indignities, but the third boy, Francis Weiner, does not object at all to wearing the sissified clothes; his mother’s reasons for sending him to the school are slightly different. Mrs. Weiner agrees with the headmistress that as he was always being bullied at his last school and was already rather a sissy, the best thing would be to turn him into a girl as soon as possible. So Francis is put into a pink silk suit immediately, and by Christmas this had been substituted for girl’s school uniform – the white blouse, pleated navy skirt and blazer of St. Hildegard’s, with white knee socks and low-heeled black girl’s shoes. Francis’s hair had already been quite long when he started at the school, and by the end of the autumn term he is wearing it tied up in a bow, with hair slides at the sides to keep his bangs in order. Francis’s name has been changed on the register to ‘Francesca’.

Boys who resist sissification in the Fauntleroy suits are put into tighter corsets and undergo complete petticoat punishment - made to wear frilly panties, lacy chemises, taffeta dresses with several layers of frou-frou petticoats, sheer silk stockings held up with suspenders, and high-heeled girl's leather court shoes. After a few days or weeks of intense corset and petticoat training, all succumb to full feminisation and beg to be allowed to wear girl's school uniform and to be treated as normal girls.

Once the transition had been made from the ‘petticoat training’ stage to the ‘normal school girl’ or ‘Stage Three’ phase, the new 'girls' are started on ‘vitamin’ pills which they take with their breakfast. These pills are in fact female hormones. After about six months, the 'new girls' begin to notice tenderness around the nipples and budding breast growth. After a year or 18 months on these so-called ‘vitamin’ pills, ‘Stage Three’ girls could fill at least an ‘A’ cup sized bra..

At the age of 14 or 15, a regimen of extra female hormones and anti-androgen tablets is added - this was ‘Stage Four’; in most cases transitioning girls could now fill a ‘B’ cup and did not develop facial hair at all or grow any male-pattern body hair. By the time they were in the Sixth Form; most Stage Four transitioning girls were indistinguishable from their genetically female friends.

What happens at Stage Five? - Well, you will need to read the story in full to find out...

In the Club - Part Two
(This story is continued from Tales of Crossdressing Vol. 9).

Chris has been made redundant again, and when his friend Tony tells him of a job going in a cocktail bar, he jumps at it. The job proves to be for a hostess/cocktail waitress. Mona, a girl about the same age as Chris, lends him a black cocktail dress, tights, shoes and a wig, and helps to make him up. Mr. James, the owner of the bar, decides to give Chris a chance straight away, as one of the other girls has called in sick. Chris starts behind the bar, and the evening passes off without incident.

In Part Two, Chris starts taking female hormones and finds he loves what the hormones are doing to his body...

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