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Tales of Crossdressing Vol 10

The latest edition of our ever-popular digital transgender fiction magazine which first appeared in 1994.

Tales of Crossdressing Vol 10 is all new for 2010, with 94 sizzling pages of new stories and letters, and the best ever graphics.

Also in this issue:

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See stunning pictures of Stacy, Deann, Claudia, Cathy, Rahana, Laura, Rosie, Michelle, Courtney and Megan.

Letters to Francoise, including:

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Ten Steps to Feminizing Your Husband

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Tales of Crossdressing Vol. 10
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Deborah's Decision

   Deborah has to choose between Michael Trusgrove, a rich and successful businessman, and Tim, a rather feminine Australian boy whom she meets at work.

   When Deborah has a night out at The Pink Seahorse Club in London, she encounters a beautiful young woman:

   'She was wearing a black bustier which had no visible means of support and was held up only by her very obvious bust; a black leather miniskirt which showed off her long slender legs; and very high black stilletto boots which laced up at the back.

Deborah looked at her face - she was immaculately made up, and had not yielded to the temptation to go over the top, like most of the people in the club. She became aware that Deborah was staring at her, and turning round to face her, smiled and made eye contact. Deborah gasped.

‘Tim? I don’t believe it!’

The brunette nodded, still smiling.

Who will Deborah choose?

The Eternal Triangle

Deirdre is unimpressed at first when she finds out that Cliff is a transvestite. Then one night she chooses a pair of french knickers and slips them under her pillow:

    'I had decided that I should take the lead, and tugged his pyjama trousers off. After his excitement at my boldness became apparent I made it clear that he was expected to wear the silky underwear...
    ...The following weekend we were off to the shops, together. The results of our expedition surpassed even our wildest fantasies. We seemed to be constantly egging each other to just one more purchase.'

   'The grip of the corset was bliss; the whisper of my stockings as I walked was music to my ears.'

  Cliff is gradually transformed into Wendy; Deirdre get a new job the North of England, but will it be Cliff or Wendy who goes with Deidre?

The Modeller

   Some surprises are in store for Norman after the death of his beloved wife, Marjory. He thought no one knew his secret.
After the funeral, Norman is sitting with Mrs. Sandra Stubbs, an old family friend:

  “Let me make a cup of tea, Norman,” she said and added with an encouraging smile, “And while I am doing that you can go upstairs and change into something more comfortable. I expect you keep your skirts and dresses in your attic room along with your work bench and modelling tools.”
He was startled. “You know about that? How did you find out? Did Marjory tell you?”
“Marjory never told anybody other than Doris and Shirley, I’m sure. It is the sort of thing a mother will confide in her daughters and even they might have discovered your secret independently. I’m certain sure they know.”

  Sandra encourages Norman to develop his 'hobby' in ways that he could never have dreamt of...


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