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Tales of Crossdressing Vol. 4
Download Version   £4.99

This classic magazine, complete with the original illustrations, is now available in a download version.

You need to have Adobe Reader set up on your computer, tablet or smartphone. This is available FREE and can be downloaded by clicking on the button below.

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Stories in this issue:

'Mother's New Daughter' (Part Two) - Lucien becomes Lucy in this tale of a mother who changes her son into a girl.

'New Girl on the Ward' (Part Two) - concluding the story of a young man's transformation into a female nurse. Nicolas becomes Nicola Hopkins, SRN, and true romance blooms when Nicola falls in love with another nurse...

'One Day' - David wears the apron in a story which ends with a surprising twist...

'The Last Straw'  (Part One) - Denis is out of work and his mother-in-law teases him about his utter failure as a man and the possibility of a change of gender...

'Virtual Reality Woman' (Part One) - it is the dawn of a new millennium. Women are now in a position of dominance.  There is an unemployed male underclass. At the University of Central England, the feminist academic, Dr. Hannah Klonek, sees the nature of maleness or masculinity as the biggest problem; she suggests a solution - to make boys much more like girls, by using Virtual Reality technology to reprogram them.  She invites a young male graduate, Andy Thompson, to try on the first prototype Total Virtual Reality Suit...


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