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Tales of Crossdressing Vol. 7
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Stories in this issue:

  'The Wedding' - A young man has to take the place of his sister at her wedding: ‘The ivory satin dress was very full and had a long train with embroidery and pearls. Handing me a pair of white satin shoes with four inch heels to put on, Jenny made me stand while the other girls lowered this creation over my head and settled it in place over my underskirts...’

Sisters - A genetically engineered virus turns Ken into an exact copy of his attractive and voluptuous wife.

One Tiny Mistake - A boy’s envy of his twin sister leads to years of secret cross-dressing. This beautifully-written story has a humorous and unexpected climax, when the young man finally plucks up the courage to venture into town dressed in full feminine finery...

Jackie and Melanie Take Charge (Part One) - Kevin can’t believe his luck when two attractive, sophisticated women pick him up and take him back to their hotel room in Bangkok. But Kevin has fallen into a complicated web of intrigue woven by two formidable female academics. Their researches into the psychology of gender take on a practical turn when they inveigle Kevin into dressing as a girl.

Boy Bridesmaid - from 'Confidential Correspondence on Cross-Dressing 1916-1920.

In a glossy, 72 page format.



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