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Tales of Crossdressing Vol. 8
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Stories in this issue:

  Jackie and Melanie Take Charge (Part Two) - Kevin is transformed into Laura, an attractive blonde: ‘You know,’ said Melanie, ‘Kevin has the cutest knees; I can’t wait to see him again in a skirt and high heels...’

Dressed for the Party - When his own clothes are soaked in a thunderstorm, Sandra persuades her boyfriend to wear some of her friend’s clothes to go to the party. There’s just one problem - her friend is a girl...


Fit and Feminine - Colin stays at a health farm with a difference - all the guests are men who are dressed completely as women. Find out what happens when Colin meets the lovely she-male Christine, whose breasts are real and magnificent...

Trouble for a Twin - John and Jane are twins. They exchange clothes for a prank, which goes wrong when John’s grandparents mistake him for his sister and force him to continue dressing as a girl....




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