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Tales of Crossdressing Vol 9

Tales of Crossdressing Vol. 9
Download Version   £6.99

Stories in this issue:

  'The Piano' - A young man is so besotted by the beauty of his new piano teacher that he finds himself obeying her every whim - even when she makes him wear a bra. As he falls more and more completely under her domination, the bra is followed by panties, then black lace suspender belt and stockings, until finally she has him dressed completely as a girl...

'Tiger ' - After recent sex-change surgery, Claire (formerly Andrew) goes to convalesce with her great grandfather, Gerald Childs. Old Mr. Childs reminisces to his new great granddaughter about his days as a captain in the merchant marine on the great pre-war passenger liners. He recalls particularly a personal steward or 'tiger' of his by the name of Frost, nicknamed 'Freezer', who liked to wear women's clothes... This beautifully written and unique tale has everything - adventure on the high seas, romance - and a thoughtful and realistic analysis of family and social attitudes to cross-dressing and transsexuality over several generations. It is actually ‘several stories within a story’, which are revealed like a series of Russian dolls...

'Jealousy on Ice' - George looks enviously at the frilly, sequined dresses worn by the girls at the skating club. He resolves to join the club - as a girl. George becomes Gina, and meets a tall blonde girl called Trudy. Soon Gina and Trudy are lovers and skating partners; but who will wear the white satin skirt on the day of the competition...?

In the Club (Part One)' - Chris has been made redundant, and when his friend Tony tells him of a position at a cocktail bar and club, he jumps at it. There is just one catch - Chris has to dress as a girl...

In an 85 page format with many illustrations and Readers' Gallery of full colour photos.

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