Tales of Sissy School Vol 2
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Tales of Sissy School Vol. 1

Tales of Sissy School Vol.2


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Tales of Sissy School Volume 2



School for Sissies (Part Two) - François is left fatherless and his mother, the formidable Lydia Quesnay, is in sole charge of his upbringing. Lydia is appointed to a teaching job at a girls’ preparatory school in Derbyshire, starting the following September. By this time her son is nearly five years old. Having already taken pleasure in dressing her son as a girl on several occasions while he was still a toddler, she decides he is to be enrolled at the school as a girl. François has his hair re-cut into the latest girls’ bobbed style and is fitted out in ‘Swinging Sixties’ girls’ clothes with a little mini-skirt and floral blouse, white patterned tights and a pair of lime-green sandals. They are to spend the six-week holiday at the Quesnay’s summer villa in Provence, where François will be introduced as ‘Françoise’, Lydia’s ‘daughter’.

Yes Mummy - Jim has always been fascinated by female clothes. While his wife Ann is at aerobics class, he cannot resist trying on her new nightie. Ann and her mother return early from the class and catch him wearing the nightie; they decide to feminise him and dress him as a school girl.

School Swap
When a boy loses his games kit, he has to go home in girl's school uniform - school dress, white ankle socks, girl's shoes, lace-trimmed slip, and white satin nylon panties trimmed with lace...where will it lead?

Wartime circumstances force a mother to turn her son into a girl... My eyebrows were plucked into a feminine shape. I was taught to sew; and I was frequently ‘invited’ to don a little frilly apron and do the washing up. I resisted, how I resisted being thought of as a girl!

Letters - Petticoat Punishment: Letter from a Mother

Highheels and Petticoats - details of a new TV/CD/TG Dressing Service
The Bow Belle Sorority - Who’s a Pretty Sissy Then?
TG Discussion Forum - join our new online forum to discuss transgender fiction and anything else on your mind. 

Photo Specials - Sissies Photo Gallery


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