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FFG is a transgender fiction publishing company
based in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, U.K.


*Actual email address: please remove 'nospam'
Telephone: U.K. - 07577 862501,
U.S. and Overseas - +44 7577 862501

If you are unable to complete the download successfully after payment, please in the first instance email* us (please remove 'nodamnspam' at beginning of email address) and we will send you the magazine by email as an attached file, after confirming that your payment transaction has gone through. If you use a Hotmail, Yahoo or similar webmail account, make sure you can receive attached files to the account - you need an email address which can receive attached files and is not blocked by anti-spam or firewall software or by any settings which may prevent downloads. If in doubt about your email address, try it out by sending yourself an attached file before you order. You only need to worry about this if you were unable to complete the download - in nearly all cases it works fine unless you have software blocking downloads (very rare.)

*Our email address: please remove 'nodamnspam'.

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FFG is a division of eBooks-UK Ltd
Company Number 3596785



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