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FFG - publishers of high quality illustrated transgender fantasy fiction - stories about forced feminisation and sex change, cross-dressing, transvestism, maid training, sissy schools, petticoat punishment etc.


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In the Victorian era and earlier, it was common in aristocratic families to dress little boys in dresses and petticoats up to the age of about 5 or 6. They looked exactly like girls; you can see this in paintings of the period. It was also not unknown for 'petticoat punishment' to be used to discipline unruly, boisterous and troublesome boys. These are historical facts, but the authors and publishers obviously do not condone such practices nowadays.

Some of our stories similarly feature mothers, aunts, grannies, wives etc. who feminise boys, young men, husbands or partners and make them dress as girls or even turn them into girls completely. This theme of 'forced feminisation' is common in transgender fiction and is perhaps about wish fulfilment on the part of transgendered folk, who really wish this could happen to them!

Our stories are fiction, but they are so well-written that some people have believed they are true! The artwork was created by our own artists or is derived from Victorian and Edwardian line drawings and engravings, or comic books and annuals from the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s.

Photographs in our magazines are of adult transgendered people only, who sent in their photographs for inclusion in our 'TG Galleries' and 'Sissy Galleries' etc. There is nothing pornographic or exploitative here; indeed one of the reasons FFG Transgender Fiction was launched was to provide good quality illustrated transgender fiction as an antidote to the pornographic over-priced drivel that seemed to be the only thing available for trans folk to read. There is still much poor quality trans fiction around for free on the Internet - as you may already have discovered - but such stuff quickly becomes boring, repetitive and unsatisfying.

We believe in freedom of creative expression for transgender authors and artists. We are proud members of the LGBT community, and just as lesbians and gay men would be horrified about the idea of gay fiction being censored, we hope you will support us in maintaining that members of the trans community should be equally free from this type of politically correct oppression from right-wing puritans and religious fundamentalists who seek to put back the clock to the 1950s and attack the advances in artistic and creative freedom that were achieved in the 1960s and 1970s in liberal democracies.

We hope you enjoy our transgender fantasy fiction, as thousands of people in many countries around the world have enjoyed it since 1994. Please support us by downloading our work.

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Tales of Crossdressing Vol 10
now available as a download

Send your photos to our Gallery
for Forced Femme & Girlhood Vol. 2

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We are currently putting together Forced Femme and Girlhood Vol. 2, and need new photos for our Readers Gallery. If you have any photos of yourself en femme, in your favourite sissy girl outfit, glamorous 'going out' clothes, party dress, maid's costume, or just normal feminine attire, please do email them to us for our Gallery.

If we publish your photo, we'll send you a free copy of the magazine.


Tales of the Maid Vol. 1
Tales of the Maid Vol. 2 cover

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We at FFG have been publishing fiction magazines for cross-dressers, transvestites, transsexuals, sissies, maids, she-males and all members of the transgender community since 1994.


 NOTE: Our magazines may contain stories which are sexually explicit: you should be over 18 before proceeding further

How Stephen became Stephanie

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Order Kate Lesley's Classic Collected Transgender Short Stories in paperback format from Amazon

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How Stephen became Stephanie by Kate Lesley


Tales of Crossdressing Vol 10 available as a download

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Forced Femme & Girlhood
Vol 2

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Tales of the Maid Vol 2
now available as a download

We sell a range of good quality, well-written
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