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FFG was started in 1994 with the publication of Tales of Crossdressing Volume 1.The magazine was founded by Kate Lesley in response to a need for well-written, good quality fiction dealing with cross-dressing and transgender themes.


The magazine was intended to follow on in the tradition of thoughtful TV/TS fiction pioneered by Beaumag, originally published by the Beaumont Society but discontined after the first few editions.


The only other fiction magazines for transvestite and transsexual readers around at the time were low-quality, badly produced pornography at rip-off prices. We thought the transgender community deserved something better.


FFG originally stood for 'Fantasy Fiction Group'.


The magazines went from strength to strength, and eventually nine issues of Tales of Crossdressing were published, together with two new titles: Tales of the Maid, and Tales of Sissy School. The magazines were enlarged to 72 glossy pages, with full colour covers and illustrations.


That was the story up to about the turn of the Millennium. FFG then went through a quiet time when both Kate and Rose-Marie (Kate's partner) had to concentrate on their day jobs, in order to keep the flag flying over Fantasy Towers.


With the advent of 2007, we were able to give our full attention to FFG and achieve our original aim to make ALL our magazines available as downloads. We hope to have completed this by the end of 2007. We have also completely revised and updated our two websites and launched TGfiction.co.uk.


In 2007 we have brought out a brand new digital format magazine - Forced Femme and Girlhood.


As those of you who understand French will know, 'femme' is the French word for 'woman', so the title actually means 'Forced Woman and Girlhood'. All stories on-going from previous issues of Tales of Crossdressing, Tales of the Maid and Tales of Sissy School are completed in Volume 1 of Forced Femme and Girlhood, and there is also some new material in it. The magazine will initially be available only as a download, but may be published later in traditional printed format, if there is sufficient demand.


Why the title Forced Femme and Girlhood? We have noticed that many of the best and most popular stories from previous issues had some element of compulsion, punishment or 'training' in them. A wife who turns her husband into a girl, an aunt who feminises her nephew... you get the idea.


So what does FFG now stand for now? Forced Femme and Girlhood, of course!


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